• Lezyne Micro Drive HP Pump (2010)

  • Slick looking pump with a slick pumping action
  • Price: £34.99
  • Light, strong and effortless
  • Needs preventative maintenance
  • Contact: Upgrade Bikes
    Tel: 01403 711 611

Words and Photo by Gary Lake - posted

Lezyne Micro Drive HP Pump

Lezyne is an accessories and tools brand from the founder of Truvativ, Micki Kozuscheck. Lezyne focuses on beautiful, well-made yet functional gear. The Micro Floor Drive Pump is their attempt at the trail-side mini trackpump.

The Lezyne Micro Drive is a beautiful piece of engineering, the CNC machined construction and highly polished finish look fantastic. Construction is essentially a single shaft, rubber air hose with reversible chuck for presta/schrader valves, and finished with a mini foot peg. The chuck screws into the base and the hose has guides over the handle making it neat to stow away. The pump is pretty hard-wearing although don't expect that shiny finish to last!

weaklings will rejoice; we were able to put 120psi into road tyres with frightening ease...

The HP version is 'road specific' - what this actually means is it's a high pressure pump which pushes less air in with each stroke but each stroke is essentially easier - kind of like a shock pump. Weaklings will rejoice; we were able to put 120psi into road tyres with frightening ease and the pump is rated up to an impressive 160psi. However, it can be a little frustrating using it on MTB tyres and it feels like an age before you even begin to get any pressure in the tyre when inflating from flat. If you're only using it on MTB tyres look for the HV version which has a wider barrel for quicker inflation. The shaft and handle feel impressively stiff in use and it really lets you put your back into it without fearing of snapping the handle off.

In use, the chuck screws onto the valve for a secure fit, you flip the footpeg out, stick it on the floor and get pumping - great! It's equally effective on the thigh as well, and even works in a more traditional handpump style holding position if you don't fancy stooping over it! The handle is a little bit awkward in the hand but it's far from uncomfortable. Those used to auto-change heads for different valve types will find having to unscrew the chuck and flip it over a bit of a faff though.

As well as that nice finish wearing a bit, the shaft needs a bit of preventative maintenance if you want to preserve that slick pumping action. A winter strapped to road bikes and chucked in camelbaks has left ours feeling a little bit grindy now, so if you're really precious about it, a good wipe and maybe a squirt of GT85 will keep it running sweetly. 

At £30 it's not drastically more expensive than similar pumps, and seeing as it's as functional and practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, and very well built and tough in the process, it's a very fair price for a very good product!    



A sturdy and effortless pump that's more than just a piece of bike bling, just look after the shaft.



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